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A Big Bang began the universe, and now a Bigger Bang is about to end it, unless the crew and robots aboard the starship Flibbertigibbet can find a way to stop the expanding fireball.

The Bigger Bang is a new comedy science-fiction podcast series, following the adventures of Sue Jelly, who got kicked in the head by a donkey in 2019 and has woken up in 4049.


Robin Sadavoy as Sue Jelly
Christine Pillman as Meredith Scrope
David Raitt as Isaac Feynstein
Bradley Ellis as Carl
Catherine Henry as the Medicomputer
Amy McKenzie as IRIS
Monica Dunne as Doc
Duncan McKenzie as the narrator

Dec 11, 2019

Sue, Meredith and Professor Feynstein have less than an hour to leave the planet Minerva before it is destroyed by the Bigger Bang.

Starring Robin Sadavoy, Christine Pillman, David Raitt, Catherine Henry, Amy McKenzie, Bradley Ellis, Monica Dunne, and Duncan McKenzie.